One-shot consultation: Free of charge

Single-time consultation on any issue concerning interior designing and providing with remounting/renovating works execution, issues on planning, stylistics, finishing materials, interior items, working team choice.


Design projects: starting 50 $/m2; 2+ months

Development of a design project for residential or commercial space.

Design project includes:

·      Interior photo-realistic 3D visualizations

  • Complete set of technical documentation and specifications(Project composition)
  • Procurement: A selection of all materials, furniture, lighting, etc. used in the project.

Procurement: Preparing a cost estimate: 10 $/m2; Purchasing: 10-15% of the sum of the estimate

This process can save significant amounts of time on the selection and purchase of the necessary materials, furniture items, appliances, gadgets and décor. It also helps ensure their timely delivery to the site and streamline costs of renovation. We work with a wide number of proven suppliers and contractors, who offer flexible discounts for our clients.

On-site designer supervision: from 500$/month

It includes a range of services necessary for the implementation of an agreed design project, coordination of all suppliers and contractors at the facility. As well as advising builders on the project in the process of work, adjusting working drawings if necessary, regular designer visits to the site.